Jemima '10 Cows' - African Bolga Basket, Ethnic - BABA10Cows-30 Large

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These beautiful, original decorative woven vessels, are a unique and unusual way to add texture and colour into you home. They make wonderful gifts for friends and family.

Here's the story behind the name of these baskets-

" Jemima Akologo was working on the ''Jemima 10 Cows'' design (as it came to be known).

In Bolgatanga, Ghana, when a marriage takes place, part of the dowry (a custom which I find a bit strange) is two cows. In the midst of the workshop I jokingly asked Jemima how many cows it would take should I propose to her. With a sly look she said ''10 Cows'' which brought the house down with laughter from the rest of the Baba Tree crew. At least she knows her worth!!!

Sagely, she rejected my proposal outright.

Thus, we have the ''Jemima 10 Cows'' basket.

Made from the local elephant grass they are beautiful, practical and sustainable.
Each basket comes with a care card.


46cm high
52cm at widest point

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