5 Basket Group for Ffion- African Wall Baskets, Binga Basket ZBB

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Hand woven from natural grasses, no two baskets are the same. These 'Fair Trade' African Baskets are not mass produced, they are handmade to be functional, to winnow grain, therefore they are rustic and have imperfections.

That being said they do look stunning on their own, and when hung in groups as wall decor become a beautiful textural piece of wall art.
Binga Baskets are from Zimbabwe, they are very similar to the Tonga Baskets but are shallower.

 1 x 8 inch           @ £20
 1 x 11 inch         @ £23
 1 x 12 inch         @ £25
 1 x 13 1/2 inch   @ £27
 1 x 17 1/2 inch   @ £35