African Basket Group Design Service - Binga Wall Basket Set - DO NOT BUY!! Contact me for this service. ZBB1

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PLEASE DO NOT BUY THIS SERVICE CONTACT ME IF YOU ARE INTERESTED email address is and read the description in full.

The pictures shown are examples of groups I have put together for other customers.

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If you are looking to buy a selection of 3 or more baskets to create a wall display, feel free to contact me, if you know the baskets you like and would just like to see an image of them all together or if you would like me to put together a few different groups of baskets and send images so you can pick the grouping you like the most, I can do that too. I have done this for a few customers now, it works well. PLEASE DO NOT BUY THIS SERVICE IT IS FREE BUT THE BASKETS ARE NOT! I offer a 5% discount on orders of 8 or more Binga Baskets. Please message me at if you are interested in this service.

As examples:
Groups of 3 cost approx £90.
Groups of 5 cost approx £145.
Groups of 7 cost approx £195.

Prices will vary according to the size of the baskets in the group