Large, African Basket, Bolga Basket, Woven Basket, Boho, Eclectic, Ethnic - BABAPB42L

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These baskets are a traditional shape from the Bolgatanga region of Northern Ghana, Africa. The baskets are made in the shape of a pot and have a moveable leather handle which makes them really practical. Gorgeous colours skilfully woven into a basket that will give you years of pleasure and use.

The Artisan weavers from Baba Tree in Ghana that produce these and the other beautiful Bolga baskets I sell are paid fairly for there wares. Baba Tree baskets are revolutionising the basket weaving industry in the Bolgatanga region of Northern Ghana ensuring a fair price is paid for these beautiful items and improving the lives of the weavers and there families.

Made from the local elephant grass they are beautiful, practical and sustainable.
Each basket comes with a care card.

Please note to reduce postage costs and packaging these baskets are flattened for postage, this does not harm them in any way, and simple instructions on how to reshape the baskets are included, once wet they pretty much bounce back to the original shape with a little help from you.

Each basket comes with a care card.

Sizes (approx)
Height - 31cm
Width - 40cm

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