Zambian Makenge Basket 43cm (17") - African Basket, Woven Basket, Wall Basket - ZMK16

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Makenge Basket, African Basket, Woven Basket, Handmade, Zambian, Eclectic Decor, Wall Baskets.

The Makenge tree grows only a few yards high and sends out long shallow root. These fine root hairs are dug out by the men of the tribe and are skinned to remove the thin covering. The roots are carefully harvested to ensure the health of the indigenous tree ensuring that basket making materials will be available for generations to come.The roots are boiled and sometimes dyed with natural pigments. When they are dry, the women weave the baskets. The entire process takes about 6 months with the weaving requiring several weeks.
 They are an incredible testament to weaving skills of the Mbundu and Losi women of the remote Western Province of Zambia.

These baskets are not flat they are approx. 7 cm deep

• Various sizes and patterns.

43 cm Diameter approx.
7 cm Depth approx

Please note colours may not match the images exactly due to monitor colour settings.

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